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60 min*2ep

Animals’ survival and reproduction instincts are continue to act, even when out of sight. Through Korea's various wildlife and their reproductive behaviours such as the life cycles of various indigenous fish and water deer, the story of nature's basic instincts is shown through focal characters in a fable-like tale.


wild treasures

60 min*3ep

Korea remains the only divided nation in the world. Yet whilst the states divided, nature continued to remain whole. So how does the wildlife of North Korea, one of the world's most isolated nations, look? WIldlife on both sides of the 38th Parallel are shown through the South's efforts to reintroduce lost species and co-exist alongside them.  This series reveals the landscape of the North - most of it never before seen by the rest of the world.


wild wathcers

60 min*2ep

Around the world, cameramen work to capture the majesty of nature. They are the archivists of the natural world. Dong-sik Kim, a Korean underwater cameraman, has filmed aquatic life globally for 27 years, and fears that the seas have begun going mad. Jung-ho Kang, a specialist of 25 years in filming endangered mammals, fears that 70% of predators will become extinct in the near future. We delve into the current state of various species through the lenses of these two exceptional cameramen.

korean war

60 min*2ep

70 years ago, 63 different countries participated - either directly or indirectly - in the conflict within the Korean Peninsula.  How did the Korean War become a confrontation on a global scale? Even with 546,000 casualties from the U.N. alone, how has one of the most recent wars in history become forgotten so quickly? Through declassified documents from the U.S., U.K., and Korea, we take a look into the various facts that have been kept in the dark for so long.



60 min*2ep

Korea and Germany, two countries that seemingly share little in common, have both been divided in the past due to ideological differences. Although Korea remains divided to this day, Germany has overcome their internal differences and have remained united for 30 years. With Korea reaching its 70th year of division, four Millenials will explore North and South Korea, Germany, and the U.K. to explore the future of unification for Korea.

 Our World

South Korea :

How to fight Coronavirus

30 min*1ep

2020 began with startling news as COVID-19 took the entire world by storm. With the virus taking a vicious toll around the world, the global community has been gripped by fear of this deadly new disease. Korea's rather unique strategy in combating the disease has received attention and praise, even as the nation continues to fight the virus to this very day. Through BBC's Our World, we reveal how Korea was able to keep the disease at bay without extreme measures such as lockdowns.

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